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Balancing Redness

It is important to tell the world about something I find disconcerting about Rosacea treatments.  I see many products both online and in stores being sold as treatments for Rosacea, a lot of the time these products are for acne.  Sometimes people get confused because of the proper name of Acne Rosacea that acne and Rosacea might be related.  They are both skin conditions and sometimes bumps can occur with Rosacea, but that is where the similarities end.

Since Fall is Skin Balancing month at ZENMED I thought it would be a good idea to talk about how Rosacea can improve from balancing your skin.  Treatments that work to treat Rosacea like acne are most likely stripping oil from your skin and to do this you need a drying product or ingredient.  Using a drying or stripping agent on Rosacea skin is like adding fuel to the fire, it will result in further irritating your already sensitive skin.  The best way to help red irritated skin is to calm it and then to support it with ingredients that will balance oil levels, balance pH, and eventually balance color of the skin.

Our Skin Support series of products work twofold as a treatment for Rosacea: one to calm your skin and two support your skins appearance by constricting blood vessels near the surface of the skin. These blood vessels are responsible for the redness that is noticeable at the surface of the skin.

There is one last benefit of Skin Support which is the use of natural collagen boosters. Collagen networks within the skin are often weakened in people that suffer from Rosacea. These networks need to be maintained and strengthened and since they naturally weaken as you age, helping boost them is vital in preventing flare-ups and making the skin heal faster.

Remember to balance everything in your life especially your skin.
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