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Let’s say you are running out the door and can’t find your lipstick, or your blush.  There are a few things you can find around the house that can replace your makeup in a pinch.

Lips can be colored using anything from berries to drink powder!  Simply rub a raspberry, strawberry, or pomegranate – or even beets – over your lips for a natural tint that will last quite a while.  If using drink powder – mix a little with a bit of water and rub that across your lips for a stained effect. 

Any of these can be used as blush as well – but be careful to blend very well and start out with a very little bit and build up.  Hot chocolate powder applied sparingly to the face can make a good bronzer.   Or you can simply try the trick that all of our Grandma’s started us on and pinch your cheeks to bring out their rosy glow.

Vitamin E or aloe vera liquid can be used as a highlighter because of its subtle sheen - applied to the brow bone and upper cheekbone it reflects the light as a regular highlighter powder would.  The same liquid can be added to the tips of your lashes to make them stand out a bit.   If you have any spirulina powder that you add to your smoothies – and you don’t mind the blue/green look – crush out a bit and apply it as eye shadow!

All of these things work in a pinch, or if you don’t like the idea of applying makeup to your skin because it feels like a mask or makes you break out – these are some great things to try.  They are all natural and you may notice they work even better than the real thing!'
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