4 Mistakes Made When Choosing Skin Care Products

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When you choose your skin care products there are so many mistakes that you can make without even realising it. We all fall for the products that promise us one thing but deliver us something else!

Here are the most common 4 mistakes made when choosing skin care products and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1 – Falling for the new marketing of a product

Whenever a new skin care product comes out you must buy it as it promises to deliver exactly what you are looking for. You don’t bother to look at the ingredients or if there is any evidence that it does what it says it does. The marketing is enough for you. Always check the ingredients before you do anything. Harsh chemicals, fragrances and dyes can have such a negative effect on your skin. If they do contain these ingredients then put the product back on the shelf and look for a product that contains natural ingredients only.

Mistake 2 – Buying a product that doesn’t suit your skin type

This is a huge mistake; just because the product says that it’s for all skin types it doesn’t mean that it will suit yours. If you suffer from problem skin then you really should avoid these creams as they may make your skin condition worse and cause further irritation. Look for products that contain willow bark extract, aloe vera or witch hazel. Always determine your skin type before you purchase any products as you may be causing your skin more harm than good!

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Mistake 3 – Buying discounted creams

We all like a bargain but when it comes to your skin more care should be taken. A number of factors need to be taken into consideration before purchasing the product, the ingredients listed, does it suit your skin type and importantly what a lot of people sometimes forget is it past its sell by date. Just like the foods that you eat, products also have an expiration date especially if they contain natural ingredients so make sure you look out for this.

Mistake 4 – The product worked well for a friend

It doesn’t mean that it will work well for your skin type. The majority of people have different skin types, which means that the products may have worked perfectly for them but may react differently on your skin. Unless they have exactly the same skin type as you only purchase creams that will compliment your skin type.

The bottom line is one size certainly doesn’t fit all when deciding on your skin care products.

Take the time to educate yourself on each of the products that you intend to use and before you do anything always avoid making the 4 mistakes when choosing your skin care products.

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    This is so true! I usually fall for mistake number 4. I buy products just because they worked so well for my friends, only to be disappointed because the products don’t suit my skin type. Thanks for the reminder!

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