5 Tips to Avoid Dry Skin

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Now that we’re settling into fall, before you know it, much of the population is going to be complaining about dry, itchy skin.  Dry skin goes hand-in-hand with the cold months.  While you can’t fully avoid dry skin, you can take some steps to make it less of an issue.  Here are some things you have control over that will help your dry skin.


Try These Tips to help relieve dry, itchy or (irritated) skin:

1. Turn the water temperature down in the shower.

Hot water feels so good in the cold winter months, but it can cause havoc on your skin.  It will strip your skin of the natural oils and leave it dry and itchy.  Lukewarm showers are best and try to make them as short as possible.


2. Keep baths at a minimum.

I am one of those people who love to soak in a hot bath at the end of a long day but I pay for it dearly when I get out.  Baths are notorious for inducing dry skin and increasing the itch-factor.  If you are going to treat yourself to a bath, add oil to the water to help moisturize your skin. Skip sudsy bubble baths, which will only exasperate the issues.


3. Stock up: lotions, body butter, oils or butters.

You pick your favorite thick moisturizer, but use it every time you get out of the shower.  Pat your skin dry, don’t rub, and apply the moisturizer while your skin is still a little bit damp. This works great with oils such as Argan oil. Another great natural option is coconut oil. Your skin will drink it in.


4. Put a tub of lotion right next to your hand wash and use it every time you wash your hands.

In the cold months, it’s so easy to watch your hands turn into a wreck. The skin cracks, cuticles tear – it’s horrible! But if you simply put a lotion next to your hand soap and make hand washing a two-step process, your will see a huge improvement in your hands.  When you wash, you strip moisture. Add it back with a lotion.


5. Stock up on lip balm.

Another area people often struggle with is dry, cracked lips.  If you skip the glosses and go with the hydrating lip balm/chap sticks and use them often, you can avoid the painful dry skin on your lips.  Always apply before bed, every night. Your lips get very dehydrated at night.


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