With roughly 16 million people suffering from rosacea in the US, according to the National Rosacea Society, many people have questions and want answers. Here is a quick list to help you navigate through rosacea myths and facts.


Fact or Myth #1

Rosacea is caused by drinking heavily.

It is true that alcohol has the ability to cause flare-ups, however excessive drinking is not a root cause of the condition.


Fact or Myth #2

A cure exists for rosacea.

While most people who suffer from this skin condition would love to hear of a cure, one simply does not exist at this time. Fortunately, it can be managed relatively well in most people with the proper precautions from the food you eat to the skincare products you use.


Fact or Myth #3

Acne and rosacea are not the same condition.

Both acne and rosacea have similar characteristics, however they are not the same. This statement is true! You may have pimples as a symptom of rosacea, however the reasons for pimples with acne and rosacea are quite different and must be treated as such.


Fact or Myth #4

Exercise can cause flare-ups.

Sadly, this is true. However, this does not mean you should stop exercising. To minimize the severity of such flare-ups, it has been recommended that working out in a cool space such as a well-air conditioned fitness center or outdoors during winter can help. It is also recommended to reduce cardio activity and focus on more moderate exercises.  


Fact or Myth #5

Certain foods cause rosacea.

Facial flushing can be triggered by certain foods, however they are not a root cause of rosacea. Foods consumed at hot temperatures such as soups and various spices such as cayenne, black pepper, and paprika have been associated with flare-ups.


Fact or Myth #6

You cannot get rosacea in your eyes.

A condition exists called ocular rosacea which is rosacea in your eyes. According to the Mayo Clinic, ocular rosacea may sometimes appear prior to rosacea skin issues as an indicator of what is to come.


Fact or Myth #7

Coffee exacerbates rosacea symptoms.

Many people associate the consumption of coffee and caffeine with worsening symptoms, however it has been proven that it is actually the temperature of the beverage that contributes to the more apparent symptoms. The same can be said for drinking hot tea.


Fact or Myth #8

Rosacea symptoms will lessen over time.

Unfortunately, this is neither a fact nor a myth, generally speaking. As the origins and causes of rosacea are still unclear, some people may see improvements over time and others may have worse symptoms. A few things that are true is that you can take preventative measures to lessen your symptoms, and if rosacea goes untreated, symptoms can worsen severely.

If you feel you may have rosacea, see your doctor or dermatologist straight away to help manage your condition. Do you have any facts or myths you would like cleared up that were not included on this list?