Acne Treatments through the years

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You are not alone – people have been suffering from acne for years and years and years.   Let’s take a look through what people used in the 19th and 20th centuries – and what we can take from that to help us now.

Old Roman scripts show that acne was treated with sulfur and hot mineral baths in the 1700’s and 1800’s.  Sulfur is still somewhat used today but most acne sufferers find it too harsh and drying for their skin.  Mineral baths and baths with herbs and Epsom salts are still extremely popular to help with general health and natural detoxification of the body.

 In the early 1900’s laxative formulas were commonly used because people felt that would help to remove toxins from the body.  This proved to be quite dangerous as laxatives (especially old school formulas) can be quite dangerous and harm your body’s organs – especially if taken in large doses. It is much, much safer to naturally detoxify your body with a healthy diet, carefully chosen herbs such as those in the Derma Cleanse Capsules, and lots of water.   Also in the early 20th century people used to bake in the sun to help with their acne – but we all of course know now that while that may make acne appear less noticeable in the short term, it is doing major damage to our skin and can also aggravate acne further and definitely lead to lines and wrinkles!  Benzoyl Peroxide was invented not too long after that but again, it is generally not the treatment of choice for most people these days because of the burning and peeling it can cause.  Other cultures have used herbs used in cooking, such as garlic and turmeric, for hundreds of years to help with acne.  These people may be on the right track as some herbs do help with general health and therefore can aid in skin repair – but I will get into those herbs and their benefits in a future blog post!

Antibiotics have commonly been used since the 1950’s to treat acne; however back then the drugs used were generally not strong enough to do much help, and antibiotics nowadays are a risk because they have now become too harsh and can kill healthy bacteria in the body that is necessary to stay healthy. 

Luckily through seeing what has – and what has not – worked over the last few hundred years, we have been able to come up with the Derma Cleanse System – a natural internal and external treatment for acne that has proven to be effective in most people with no side effects or irritation!


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