An easy, tasty summer treat!

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The easiest, healthiest, most versatile food you can eat is salsa!  Making it yourself is so quick and easy, and you can avoid the extra salt and preservatives that store bought kinds can have.  Summer is a fantastic time to experiment with different flavors as many of the fruits and vegetables are in season!  Salsa is great to have on hand as a quick healthy snack you can eat with crackers or low sodium chips, or even to serve over fish or chicken as a healthy sauce. 

Start with tomatoes, and go from there… Be creative – add whatever you like!  Black beans, onions, corn, and yellow and green peppers are popular.  Or add papaya, pineapple and mango for a festive fruit salsa!  Garlic and cilantro are also popular items to add for some extra flavor, as well as either a dash of olive oil for fresh squeezed lime.  Make it spicy and add chilies or leave it sweet. You can chop it up yourself or mix it all in a blender or food processor – you choose how chunky you want it!

Salsa gives you a serving of fruits and vegetables, as well as provides skin and heart healthy antioxidants from tomatoes, garlic and olive oil.  Whip yourself up a batch and enjoy!


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