Body Acne – how to treat it

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Body acneIf you live with body acne, you may want to look for some ways to relieve it. There are various ways that may prove to be quite helpful if you do have a lot of body acne. No one wishes to have a lot of blemishes on their face or body, but if you do, take heart, there are ways to get rid of.

First, determine where you have the most body acne. Most people will have the body acne more in one place than another. This can help give you an indication of what the cause of it may be.

For instance, if you have occasional breakouts, this may be for any reason and there may not be any thing that is causing it other than clogged pores. If you constantly have body acne in the same location, there is a good chance there is a problem area with your skin. So, it is a good idea to take the time to notice where you may have the most body acne.

Some ways to help reduce body acne are listed below:

1. Spot treat body acne. You can buy a special lotion to help you reduce body acne as well as treat it. This is a good idea for anyone that suffers from a lot of body acne.

2. Shower often. Many times the body acne can be result of clogged pores and them you shower, the cleaner you can keep your skin. This can result in less body acne.

3. Wear clothing that allows your body to breathe, while you are exercising. This is a great idea because most people perspire a lot when they exercise and by wearing the proper clothing, you may be able to avoid a lot of the body


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