Body Acne Treatment

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If you suffer from acne then you know that you face isn’t the only place where acne appears.

body acne comboBody acne can develop on any part of your body including your neck, shoulders, back and arms. The only areas on your body that acne will not develop are the palms of your hand and the soles of your feet; this is because these are the only two areas that don’t have sebaceous follicles where your acne is formed.

As the skin on your body is slightly thicker than the skin on your face, your pores on your body skin are larger which can result in more severe acne lesions.

Unfortunately as with the acne on your face the causes of body acne are still not known but there are a number of things that you can do that will help the problem.

When washing your clothes try to avoid fabric softener. The ingredients that are found in fabric softener include siloxanes, emulsifiers, surfactants, fragrances, colors and preservatives. These ingredients are insoluble in water, which means that they cannot be completely washed off your clothes. This will leave an oily residue on your clothes which can help to clog the pores on your skin; this can contribute to your body acne.

Try to avoid your clothes becoming damp and sweaty as they can cause irritation when they rub against your skin. Instead try to wear clothes that are breathable especially when you are working out. Fortunately there are many clothes today that are especially designed for this and are perfect for body acne treatment. Be aware of what clothing items cause body acne breakouts and take measures to avoid these.

Always make sure that you take time to shower after a workout or if you are particularly sweaty due to the warmer weather.

A fantastic product that I would highly recommend to you if you suffer from body acne is the ZENMED Body Acne Combo. You get a medicated body wash that has been created for body acne. As it’s a granulated wash it provides an exfoliating action and contains ground walnut shells, oregano oil, tea tree, peppermint and rosemary. The mask helps to draw put impurities at the same time as using oils to help heal the skin.

Although there isn’t a cure for either facial acne or body acne you certainly can take steps to help improve the situation with these body acne treatments.





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