Derma-Cleanse-CapsulesBy now, we all know that whole “beauty starts on the inside” thing isn’t just a pseudo-psycho cliche about the virtues of having a good attitude. It’s a skin care reality – i.e. if you care about what you look like on the outside, then you need to pay attention to what you put in your body.

That’s why most of us stopped hacking butts and eating junk food around the same time we stopped listening to grunge. But is a healthy lifestyle enough when it comes dealing with problem skin? Many dermatology experts say no – especially, if your skin issues are allergy related. In fact, more and more studies indicate that herbal supplements such as ZENMED’s Derma Cleanse® Capsules (in conjunction with a healthy diet) play a vital role in promoting healthy skin. Here’s how:


Hormonal Factor

ZENMED’s Derma Cleanse® Capsules contain Chaste Tree Fruit and that’s not something you’ll likely find in your local produce section any time soon (it’s not exactly known for its flavour, if you catch our drift). But don’t underestimate the powers of Chaste just because it isn’t tasty enough to sprinkle on your cereal. This Mediterranean plant contains healing properties that help regulate hormone production and stimulate pituitary gland function, which in turn, helps controls acne in teens and young adults.


Swell Quell

Research shows that inflammation is one of the leading causes of acne and ZENMED’s Derma Cleanse® Capsules are chock a block with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients such as honeysuckle flower, gardenia fruit and the always calming chamomile – to name just a few.  These soothing elements will help ease skin irritation and thereby reduce the redness and swelling associated with breakouts.


Liver Love

In the fight against acne, it doesn’t hurt to lend your liver a helping hand with some gentle, all- natural blood purifying ingredients. After all, the faster you can flush out those toxins (and we all have them), the less chance they have of building up and clogging your pores. Which is why ZENMED’s Derma Cleanse® Capsules contains a healthy dose of plant-derived liver aids such as Neem leaf, Burdock seed and Red Peony root.


For more info, check out this educational video: