Can you visualize your way to clear skin??

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I have noticed a few websites, and even local advertisements, to teach you how to visualize yourself to clear skin.  A lot of people may dismiss this and say it is “bunk” but there may be something to it – and all you have to do is follow a few easy steps – so isn’t it worth a try??

E very day find a quiet, comfortable spot to relax.  Make yourself comfortable by laying or sitting down.  Take a few deep breaths to relax your body and close your eyes.   Feel the energy in your body and concentrate on your problem area skin.  Picture the healing power flowing to the area and your acne, or whatever skin problem you have, melting away.   Continue to relax and feel your energy for a few moments, then slowly open your eyes, take a few more deep breaths and get up very slowly.  I think it is probably best to do this quietly and on your own so you can feel what you need to feel, but if you really have trouble concentrating and feeling your energy there are plenty of podcasts and tapes out there that take you through the skin visualization process.

Again, you may find this idea of visualizing away bad skin ridiculous, and I’m not saying that it will absolutely work – but at the very least your body will enjoy a few minutes of de-stress and relaxation – which will help the body in other ways and perhaps lead to clearing up your skin.   Relaxation of the body is one of the most important steps to healing practically any condition.  Anyone can take a few minutes out of every day to practice this type of meditation – and feel the health benefits almost immediately.


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