Makeup has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Back in the day, one had to spend ages applying makeup that consisted of heavy, pore-clogging foundations and lead eyeliner to achieve a transformational look. Today, a few products can provide an updated and fresh look in mere minutes.

Powder Form

Powder makeup is rapidly growing in popularity. Color correction (CC) powders are leading the way in the new generation of makeup trends. These powders are primarily used to even out skin tone and enhance your best features rather than only as a way to cover up imperfections like some traditional foundations. These powders will also provide you with a natural-looking glow, they do not clump, nor do they draw attention to wrinkles or fine lines. They will also minimize the appearance of various skin imperfections such as acne, discoloration, redness, scarring, and hyperpigmentation.


Be sure to choose the right CC powder to match your skin type and skin issues. For example, people who suffer from rosacea will typically choose product with a green tint as it will minimize the redness and inflammation often associated with this type of skin issue. If you have darker skin, you might benefit from a powder featuring colors that are peach or salmon. CC powders are even more effective when used alongside beauty and blemish, or rather beauty balm, (BB) creams.    


Liquid Form

A BB cream is another way to make your skin appear as stunning as possible. BB creams are quickly being used in place of moisturizer. Many of the top brands provide a light tint to the cream, as well as SPF and antioxidants. These miracle creams hydrate your skin and include natural anti-aging active ingredients. You will want to choose the right one for your skin type. Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive, dull, uneven, or mature skin, there is a BB cream for you. It is even possible to mix them up as the seasons change for optimal results. One of the greatest improvements in these creams is that they are super light on your skin; whereas, many of these types of products in the past were heavy and caused additional skin issues.

Many professional makeup artists recommend using these two products together for the ultimate appearance of your skin. Your skin will appear flawless and youthful and you do not have to break the bank. Use the cream first and the powder second like a finishing powder and you will look amazing all day long.