Digestive Relief

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I know, it’s not always the nicest subject to talk about. But how has your gut been feeling lately?

Are you regular?

Are you sporadic?

Small changes in your diet, like eating at a regular time everyday can make big changes to your bowels. How? Well the entire digestive tract is like a big moving muscle, moving stuff down and out of the body while absorbing all that is necessary.

When left to be stagnant for an extended period of time and then expected to handle a large meal all at once, it slows down. Plus naturally it is faster at digesting smaller bits at a time than big loads of food. Studies also show that eating throughout the day (aka grazing) helps with weightloss and curbing cravings. So here’s a tip: Buy a cheap digital watch that can go off every 2.5-3 hours.

When it goes off, eat something small. You will find that by dinner you will be thinking “really, do I have to eat?” Small changes everyone, small changes.


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