We’ve all been there – the night before a big event and that pimple just won’t go away.  Sure, you could cover it up with makeup, but the reality is you just want it gone!  You’ve heard rumors about ways to get rid of pimples with odd household ingredients, but do they work? And what if they make your pimple worse?  Here are some of those at-home ways and what you can expect if you try them.


Milk of Magnesia: Milk of Magnesia is product used for constipation, heart burn or indigestion, but it has also made its mark as an at-home acne treatment and skin mattifier with much success.  To use as an acne spot treatment, simply apply to blemish with a Q-tip and let sit for 10 minutes or so before rinsing off.


Toothpaste:  Toothpaste is frequently used as a spot treatment on pimples.  If you want to try this, be sure to use plain white paste.  It has been shown to reduce swelling and dry out the pimple, potentially helping it heal faster (or at least making it look less obvious).  We like to use it as an overnight spot treatment.


Milk:  Milk contains lactic acid which is a great skin exfoliator.  You can use milk in many ways in your beauty routine.  One of the easiest ways is by adding some to your bath water to exfoliate dead skin cells.  Soak a Q-tip with milk and use it as a spot treatment on your pimples.


Aspirin:  Aspirin contains salicylic acid, a well-known ingredient in acne-fighting skin care products.  Simply dissolve a few uncoated aspirin in water and add a little olive oil to make a paste.  Put on as a spot treatment and let sit for a 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing off.  It will help dry out your acne. This can also be used as a facial mask if you struggle with all-over acne.


As with any spot treatment including those you purchase in the skin care isle, adverse side effects could be seen.  They are typically redness, dry skin and or peeling.  Experimenting is advised before you try these treatments on important days.  And if your acne is severe, we absolutely recommend going to a Dermatologist who will help get you started on the path of being acne-free.