A UK study of nearly 100 dermatologists revealed that cases of individuals seeking professional treatment for adult acne has increased 200 percent in recent years. It has become clear that acne is no longer just an issue facing teens. In fact, it is becoming quite common for adults to have acne well into their 50’s. Fortunately, a number of solutions exist to help clear your skin and improve your confidence without making you look older.

Reasons for Adult Acne

According to dermatologist and skincare creator Dr. Neal Shultz, people receive adult acne for a number of reasons, and each situation is unique. Men and women both face hormone changes that can greatly increase the presence of acne. These hormone changes can be associated with stress, menopause, or changes in birth control. Do not underestimate the power of stress and adult acne! The surge in pimples may also be associated with environmental factors such as pollution or changes in one’s diet. And, it could even be that you are over washing your face or using products that are not right for your condition.


Dr. Shultz also recommends a number of easy-to-follow solutions to improve your overall skin condition. Some basic solutions include eating more fruits and vegetables and eliminating foods from your diet that are not natural. Exfoliate more frequently as a way to prevent and treat acne. Keep a powerful pimple product available at all times, and use it as soon as pimples appear. Make sure that your exfoliate and that pimple products have active ingredients for the best results such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Sulfur, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Retinol.  These are the most effective actives, however do they cause premature aging?

Aging and Actives

Several years ago, a few studies were released stating that certain active ingredients in acne prevention products causes skin to age prematurely. While it is true that some actives act as drying agents which can cause your skin to dehydrate, with the appropriate precautions, you can combat any negative effects of such actives. To prevent dehydration of the skin, be sure to drink plenty of water every day and use an oil-free moisturizer. Many doctors also believe that actives such as benzoyl peroxide may cause greater sun sensitivity to your skin. To combat this potential side effect, use an oil-free sunscreen every day with at least 15 SPF. Be sure to only use one active acne product at a time or they may cancel each other out. Today, many daily moisturizers have an SPF of 15 or more. If you are still concerned about such products causing premature aging, you can always select natural products with organic active ingredients or make an appointment with your doctor.

It is quite possible to eliminate problematic adult acne without causing premature aging of the skin as long as you are being proactive. Be sure to use sunscreen, moisturize, and limit the number of acne products you use at once and you will be well on your way to stunningly beautiful acne-free skin.