Five Natural Food Immunity Boosters

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Now that we’ve kissed the summer goodbye, fall has arrived and you know what that means? It’s time to bundle up with scarves and jackets to get through those chilly days ahead. During the fall and winter seasons, I’m more susceptible to catching a cold and, at times, I’ve gotten sick with the flu. But through the days of trying to recuperate, I’ve taken these five natural immunity boosters to help me get back on my feet and feeling healthy again.

1) Garlic

garlic-100x100Sure, eating raw garlic gives you bad breath. But by far, it’s the best immunity booster, as it contains the active ingredient Allicin, which fights off infections and bacteria. Just one clove of garlic daily can do the trick, boosting your immunity to fight off flu viruses in as little as two weeks. If you can’t stand the taste, just cut up several pieces, boil some water, toss the garlic pieces into your mug, and pour in the boiling water – this garlic tea contains antimicrobial and immune-stimulating properties and may give you relief from congestion (and won’t cause the dreaded garlic breath).

2) Ginger

gingerHave a stomachache? Experiencing a yeast infection? Drink some Ginger Tea. Ginger is a great home remedy often used to fight inflammation. For treating yeast infections, add some freshly grated pieces into a mug of boiling water and drink as usual. If you incorporate ginger into your daily diet, it boosts your immunity tenfold and fights off the common cold.

3) Chicken Soup

DbleRoastTuscChickSoup_100Even if you’re not sick with a cold, eating chicken soup is healthy as it contains anti-inflammatory effects. When you eat hot chicken soup, you protect your body from catching any unwanted bacteria and viruses. By adding garlic, onions, and celery it increases the soup’s immunity-boosting power. Along with protein and veggies, chicken soup is extremely filling, just like a meal.

4) Plain Yogurt

yogurt_bowl_spoonRegularly eating probiotic plain yogurt labelled with “live & active cultures” boosts your immune system and aids in digestion. Because plain yogurt is a great source of lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium lactis, this is ‘good bacteria’ that helps your body break down all the food you ingest. Eating plain yogurt can get boring, so add some fresh berries to your cup and get the added power of antioxidants.

5) Oranges

orangeOranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C and it’s a powerful antioxidant that protects your body from cell damage and boosts your immune system. Enjoy it in the morning as a glass of orange juice or peel them and eat oranges anytime as a snack. Either way, regularly eating oranges or drinking 100% orange juice provides your body great health benefits.


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