Get your Beauty Sleep!

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You may think that staying up late and pulling all-nighters regularly won’t hurt you, but it will! Your body won’t be able to repair itself properly – and the first place it will show up is on your skin!

During sleep your body essentially rebuilds itself – the immune system is enhanced to help protect you from illness, and the cells and tissues throughout your body are restored and repaired. Lack of sleep means these things don’t happen and it can result in your skin looking puffy, sallow and pale. Usually the first place you will see it is in dark circles and puffiness around eyes. If you suffer from acne, rosacea, eczema, or other skin conditions – these can all worsen if your body doesn’t get enough restful sleep!

The average person needs anywhere from 5-10 hours of sleep every night, with the average being 7-8. Adolescents generally need a bit more, and older people, a bit less. If you are noticing changes in your skin, are having trouble concentrating, have headaches, and feel like dozing off during the day – you are suffering from lack of sleep! Make sure you have a comfortable mattress and pillows, your room is at a cool temperature and you are sleeping in a noise and light free environment. Don’t exercise too close to bedtime and limit your caffeine and alcohol intake. A bath and a warm glass of milk before bed can help you to doze off faster, and do not forget to remove all of your makeup before bed! Apply any moisturizers, acne gels, or repair serums before bed to allow the skin to absorb them overnight and replenish the skin.

So, do your body – and your skin – a favor and get some sleep!


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