Have you heard about Probiotics?

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Probiotics seem to be one of the new big things in health.  Every time you go into a grocery store it seems that they are added to everything from yogurt to multi vitamins.  Probiotics are beneficial to your body because they help to hold on to the healthy bacteria that your body needs to function properly and keep it in balance.  They also provide enormous help with stomach ailments ranging from indigestion to intestinal inflammatory diseases, and keep the digestion system running smoothly.  But do they help with the skin?

Many skin concerns from rashes to acne are a result of allergens entering the body, usually in the form of food.  Probiotics can help to break down these allergens so they have less of an effect on the skin.  Since your digestive system is also working properly, any toxins will be flushed out of your body faster and more effectively leaving less of a negative impact on the skin.

Probiotics are safe to consume every day but if you are currently on, or just finished, any antibiotic treatment it is important that you take probiotics in order to regain the healthy, friendly bacteria in your body that antibiotics kill since antibiotics will eliminate all of the bacteria in your system – good and bad.  It is simple enough to pick up some probiotic yogurt or kefir from your grocery store and eat a cup a day, or you can look for other probiotic formulated foods.  Supplements are available and safe if you invest in a good brand, but usually unnecessary if probiotic foods are added to your diet.


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