Help for Dry Skin

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It’s that time of the year again when the cold temperatures and harsh winds deplete the moisture in your skin leaving you with dry, red, parched, and peeling skin.  Piling moisturizer on top of your dry skin will only help so much, so here are some tips on how to add moisture back plus how to help you not get so dry in the first place.

When you shower if you are using hot water – this may feel great on a cold icy day, but you are really robbing your skin of the moisture it already has.  Try using lukewarm water, or at least keep your showers quite short because the longer you are exposed to the hot water – the more drying it is.

Unless your skin is extremely sensitive, you need to exfoliate a few times a week to remove the dried skin that is flaking off and to prepare it for the layer of moisturizer which will penetrate deeper on exfoliated skin.  For your body the ZENMED Microdermabrasion Complex, or a homemade brown sugar scrub should do nicely but on your face and chest you should use a gentle, non grainy exfoliator such as the ZENMED AHA/BHA complex to create a smoother surface.  On days you do not exfoliate make sure you use a gentle hydrating soap.

After stepping out of the shower pat yourself dry gently – leaving skin a little moist – and then apply your moisturizer.  Applying moisturizer to damp skin helps it to penetrate deeper and add more softness and hydration to the skin.   If you find you are re-applying moisturizer throughout the day to your face or other parts – simply use a spray like Evian water or ZENMED AHA/BHA complex to refresh your skin and apply a hydrating moisturizer such as the ZENMED H series Moisturizer on top.

If your skin is still feeling parched you may need to invest in a humidifier, especially if you live in a very dry area.  Keeping the humidifier on while you sleep will help your skin to retain up to 30% more moisture.

Using these tips, and keeping your insides hydrated by drinking lots of water, should keep your skin looking moist and supple through these tough winter months.


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