Here’s some relief for your itchy skin

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Are you sick of having that irritated feeling that makes you constantly want to scratch your skin?  Itchy skin can happen anywhere on the body and there are many causes – and luckily solutions as well.

Sometimes itchiness can simply be caused by dry skin.  If you feel tight skin with just a general slight redness – try using some moisturizer to the itchy area(s) a few times a day and you should notice almost instant relief.  Choose a thick yet non-comedogenic version such as the ZENMED H-series moisturizer for the face, neck and chest especially. 

It must be noted however that sometimes itchy skin can be caused by a reaction to your moisturizer – or some other product you are applying to it.  Try using natural products – especially on your face and sensitive areas – and avoid any with chemically added fragrances.  As nice as these may smell, they can be quite irritating to the skin.  Watch also for soaps, body washes, and even perfumes which can cause skin allergies.  Some people are prone to extremely sensitive skin and have allergies to most scented or chemical products – if this sounds like you then you probably will also need to watch the clothing you wear because wool and other clothing can be irritating to your skin as well. 

If your itchy skin is accompanied by a rash you may be dealing with a condition such as psoriasis, shingles, eczema or general dermatitis.  See your doctor or dermatitis for a proper diagnosis.  The ZENMED DermCare line is great for helping to soothe skin irritated by dermatitis and eczema.

You may also want to take a look at any medications you are using.  A surprising amount of medications, such as antibiotics and narcotics, can cause skin irritations so you may wish to try to find something more natural that works better for you and your skin.

If you are still experiencing dry skin after ruling out all of the above please visit a doctor – but most people usually find relief by making a few simple changes with their skincare.


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