How to Stop Workout Acne

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While acne is not caused by working out, adults all over the world seem to experience acne breakouts when working out which can be very frustrating and uncomfortable.

While pretty much anyone on the planet can get acne (and most of us do at some point in our lives) there are different types and different ways in which it can affect you.


Here are some factors you’ll want to consider with working out;

Do You Take Medications?

Certain drugs can cause side effects which lead to acne; check your medication leaflet or speak to your doctor if you feel that this is a side effect that you’re not able to persevere with. Any type of prescription steroid can lead to adult acne so it is really important to watch out with those.

Are You Eating the Right Foods?

Poor food choices don’t directly cause acne but the way in which they affect your body can. If you consume a diet high in ‘bad fats’ then you are seriously upping your chances of developing acne (and other skin conditions) by causing increased inflammation in your body which can contribute to increased oil secretion. The same can be said for excessive sugar and salt intake.

Do You Wash too Often?

This may sound crazy, especially when we’re talking about working out but washing your body too often can lead to dry skin, which can lead to increased oil production which can lead to clogged pores. We all know that clogged pores leads to pimples and spots so keep your wash sessions to once a day or as necessary.

Do You Use the Right Products?

So one would hope that in your gym bag or at home you have a few products that you use to keep your body clean and well maintained. Are these products doing more harm than good though? A lot of body and skin care products on the market contain dyes, fragrances, petrochemicals, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates which can all cause inflammation of the skin, clog your pores and lead to acne. Choose products that don’t contain these ingredients and ones that use natural ingredients which work with your body.

Are You Wearing the Right Clothing?

Wearing the wrong types of clothes during your workout can actually be causing your acne! If your clothes are too fitted, when you workout this will cause friction which leads to acne mechanica. Body builders that wear tight fitting vests often find they suffer from acne mechanica. The solution is firstly to wear looser fitting gym clothes and ideally ones that help to wick away the sweat. Ensure you wash your workout clothes regularly and follow the care instructions on the garments to keep them at their best.

Now you know how to stop workout acne spread the word and help your friends and loved ones stop it too.


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