How Witch Hazel Can Benefit Your Skin

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Witch hazel is produced from the leaves and barks of the Witch hazel shrub in North America and is an astringent that grows in Canada and America.

It has been used for many years by American Indians for medicinal purposes. It offers a number of health benefits, particularly in the treatment of different skin conditions, because it is less likely to cause skin irritation or sensitivity.

witch-hazelWitch hazel has high levels of tannin acid. The tannin content in witch hazel has strong astringent as well as antioxidant properties. These astringent properties are cleansing to the skin, while minimizing the size of skin pores.

Witch hazel is the main ingredient in most traditional acne treatments. The astringents which are natural cleansers in witch hazel are extremely mild and that’s why they are perfect ingredients for acne treatments, they are less harsh than some other chemical based treatments.

If you suffer from acne then witch hazel comes highly recommended. Witch hazel removes the sebum from the skin and reduces the inflammation of pimples without leaving the skin dry. It is gentle and non-drying when used to tone and cleanse acne infected or acne prone skin

complete acne kit with witch hazelIn addition this plant has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and it can be used to treat bruises, rheumatoid swellings and even hemorrhoids.

Acne is a common problem for many people and the variety of products on offer can sometimes appear overwhelming. Don’t fall for the so called miracle products.

An excellent product to choose which contains witch hazel is Complete Acne Kit, this specially designed acne treatment contains seven items that include Derma Cleanse Capsules, Derma Cleanse Acne Gel, Facial Cleansing Gel, Botanical Acne Mask, AHA/BHA Complex, Oil-Free Day Lotion, and a Refining Scrub. This is a fantastic acne kit that has been proven for its effectiveness in its fight against acne.

If you suffer from acne breakouts on your back and shoulders witch hazel can also be applied to these areas, it’s not just for your face.

Witch hazel is so beneficial to people with problem skin, why not try it yourself.





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