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Hydrotherapy has been an increasingly popular addition to a lot of spa treatments lately.  Spas are now offering special therapy showers, hoses that spray at differing pressures to give massages using water, and tubs with special salts, oils and minerals added so you can soak in before, after, or even during your treatments.

Water has such a great effect on the skin.  We all know that drinking a lot of water helps to keep toxins flushed out and keeps your body and skin healthy.  By using water in hydrotherapy treatments this is just another way for your body to benefit from water.   These treatments help to restore circulation to your body increasing blood flow to your skin.    Water is extremely relaxing and any minerals used in water can help to remove toxins from your body.  The perspiration that comes with soaking in hot water removes many toxins from the skin and gives it a healthy glow.  Contrast therapy, where cold water and hot water are alternated helping blood vessels work properly, has become a commonly requested therapy because of its restorative and healing benefits.

You do not need to visit, or pay for, a fancy spa to reap the benefits of hydrotherapy.   A bath with Epsom salts and essential oils is extremely relaxing.  You can use contrast therapy yourself in your own shower – simply standing under water as cold as you can stand it for 2-3 mins and alternating a few times with water as hot as you can stand it for 2-3 minutes.   Even soaking your feet in a basin is a great relaxer.  If you can get out to a whirlpool, or are lucky enough to have a hot tub in your own backyard, the jets provide massaging benefits while the hot water helps you relax.

Please do be advised that if you suffer from high blood pressure, are pregnant, or have any other health conditions – hydrotherapy should be used with care.   Please consult with your doctor to find out what is a good treatment for you.   Conditions such as rosacea can also be aggravated by extreme hot water so you may wish to limit your treatments, or just use water massage and foot baths.


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