Your skincare routine is critical to the effectiveness and the overall finished look of your makeup. It can also save you money and minimize the amount of makeup required to create stunning results. Be sure that your blank canvas is in a state of superiority before you begin to achieve smaller pores, smoother skin, and fewer blemishes which will maximize the results of your final look.



Dead skin has the ability to ruin the desired effect of makeup. If you apply makeup without exfoliating at least a few times a week, your skin will be uneven resulting in flaky, patchy, rough-looking skin. This is far from the end result anyone wishes to accomplish. After exfoliating, you will have a smooth surface from which to begin, as well as a better tone and a dewy glow from the renewal of skin cells.



The benefits of an alcohol-free toner create the ideal canvas for your makeup application. To begin, it will remove any dirt and grease residuals that may have been missed by washing and exfoliating. If you tend to have irritated skin, a toner will calm inflammation and shrink your pores. Also, you will experience the added benefits of protecting your skin from harmful environmental impurities. Be sure to use toner on both your face and neck before you moisturize as it also helps to begin the moisturizing process.


Oil-Free Moisturizer

The latest recommendations for moisturizer are to use oil-free moisturizers and to press the lotion into your skin rather than to rub it. The combination of this skincare step increases the blood circulation in your skin that results in a natural glow, and it minimizes the the chance you will use too much moisturizer that may compromise the clean finish of your makeup. Again, be sure to apply moisturizer to your face and neck.


Vitamin Boost Spray

A nutrient-rich boost spray is ideal for individuals who fall prey to breakouts after becoming exposed to the environmental elements of wind, cold, heat, and ultraviolet radiation. The vitamins and natural ingredients will minimize redness and calm your skin even after you apply your makeup. You can also use it as a touch up throughout the day at work and in the evening.


Wash Your Face At Night

Overnight is perhaps the greatest opportunity you have to attack problem areas so that your skin looks fresh and clean in the morning before you even begin your daily skincare routine. If you wash away the day’s impurities and environmental toxins, your skin will more easily be able to take advantage of any additional products you use at night such as a toner and night cream. Many active ingredients in products require several hours to be most effective. Take special care to follow your nightly routine each night!

If you want to make your makeup look even better and save money in the process, be sure to use the right skincare products before you begin applying makeup. And, do not forget to wash your face at night and use nighttime products that feature strong active ingredients that target the areas on which you wish to improve such as brown spots, wrinkles, and collagen production.

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