This year’s hottest accessory is the mask!
As quickly as COVID has spread so has maskne. What is ‘maskne’ you ask?
Maskne is acne or other skin irritation that results from wearing a mask, especially a medical, N95,
or cloth face mask.
Skincare lovers, and mask-wearers worldwide are facing the problem..well face first, here is what
some of the top sites and skincare doctors are saying about it:
Here are what some of the top websites are saying about the new skin issue.

  1. As if pandemic stress acne wasn’t enough… talks about the reality of maskne and how to deal with it.
  2. The NY Times breaks down what is causing these breakouts and suggests some home remedies.
  3. Celebrity skincare connoisseur and celebrity facialist Johanna Vargas gives her views and the dos and don’ts of maskne.
  4. Are silk masks the solution? face-mask-skin-benefits
  5. Dr.Pimple Popper herself talks maskne and what to do about it.