Meditate your way to clear skin

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Longtime students of yoga and meditation have reported not only a calmer presence, a better outlook on life, healthier sleep, but clearer skin and less skin issues as well.

Meditating on a regular basis brings the breath into the body and puts the body in a state of rest and relaxation.  During this relaxation the chi that runs through your body brings energy to your body and helps to repair tissues and cells, which will give your skin a fresh glow and work to repair skin issues.  Chinese medicine bases its practice around chi and believes that chi – the body’s energy flow – is the key to all health problems and illnesses, so if the chi is repaired and healthy, then the body will work well in return.

Some people may find this hard to believe but if you are stressed – that will lead to skin problems such as acne breakouts or worse.   Meditation is a great, proven way to de-stress and with less stress should come fewer skin problems.   Meditation can be a hard technique to learn as you do need to concentrate on quieting your mind, but if you take a workshop or invest in a few downloads or CD’s of guided meditation, it should become easier the more you practice.  There are even specialty meditation podcasts and recordings that concentrate on bringing your breath specifically into your skin to help with skin issues.  Even 5-10 minutes per day or several times a week should be enough for you to notice a significant difference in your stress levels – and your skin will reap the benefits.


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