Nature’s wonder – bees!

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Bees are fantastic little creatures!   Not only do they give us wonderful honey which is tasty and good for us but they collect bee pollen which is also very good for us.

If you have seen natural bee pollen you know it usually comes looking like little granules.  Pollen is collected by the bees on their legs from flowers.  Enzymes from the bees are added into the pollen and when the bee enters a beekeepers hive the pollen is scraped off and collected at the base of the hive.  Don’t worry – this doesn’t harm the bees in any way!   The beekeepers collect the pollen and unless it is being used immediately it is generally frozen.  When it is ready to be used the frozen bee pollen is unfrozen and appears like little granules.

Bee pollen is great to use in skincare.   Many natural products you can buy contain bee pollen.   I took a class a few years back where we made lip balms and beeswax and bee pollen were the two main ingredients to add moisture and keep it all together naturally – and it worked great!  Bee pollen naturally contains Nucliec Acids which has been proven to work well as an anti-aging agent.  Bee pollen is a great moisturizing product which makes the skin glow and heal.

Bee pollen is also taken internally and gives you a ton of vitamins and nutrients, helps with blood supply in the body, helps to boost your immunity, and even helps with cholesterol levels.

A tablespoon a day is all you need to receive all of these health benefits.  It comes in tablet or granule form – or you can take the natural liquid.   There are a few warnings you need to heed however – first of all be sure you are getting it from a reputable source, natural food stores are a good place to start or you can contact your local beekeepers as they may even sell it onsite or know someone who does.   Occasionally some people can have an allergic reaction to the pollen so whomever you buy it from should give you some advice on applying a little bit under your tongue first and watching for certain signs before taking a full dose.

If you are suffering from chapped hands, lips or elbows look for products containing bee pollen and beeswax and they will be more moisturizing for your skin.


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