New Year New You: 3 Ways to Minimize Dark Circles

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Dark circles make you appear older and accentuate any wrinkles or grey hair. Even if you don’t have other signs of aging yet, dark circles still have a tendency to age your appearance. In a world where you’re only young once, appearing older is rarely a desired quality.

In this New Year, New You blog series post, we’ll be touching on a few ways that you can minimize dark circles. You can look younger and feel better as this next year passes by.

Method 1: Relax and Get Proper Rest

Getting plenty of sleep is a vital part of your overall heath. That’s why it is placed in the #1 spot. Spend a few weeks analyzing your sleep patterns to determine how much sleep you need each night. Once you have the magic number, try to hit that number every night.

Although it’s not completely clear why inadequate sleep creates dark circles, the evidence clearly points that it does. Several theories exist, each holding merit in their own way. But regardless of the reason, one thing is true: Get enough sleep and you can minimize dark circles.

Method 2: Natural Remedies

The Potato Method:

Cool Tea Bags:

In the morning, set aside 10-15 minutes for your dark circles treatment. Lie down and cover your eyes with cool, damp caffeinated tea bags. Keep applied for 10-15 minutes with your eyes shut. Tea bags contain tannin that reduces the swelling and discoloration around eyes. Refrigerate the night before and they will be ready to go in the mornings.

Method 3: Cosmetic Solutions

And ultimately, you can try cosmetic solutions that reduce dark circles under your eyes. This is ideal for people that simply don’t have the time to prepare natural remedies and (for whatever reason) cannot get enough sleep each night.

Undereye Solutions

You can find solutions specifically made to treat under the eyes. These products help you look younger by tightening the skin and minimizing dark circles.

Makeup Tricks

You can also add in a dark circle treatment to your current makeup regimine. We’ve included a video below to illustrate how to get rid of the appearance of dark circles this way:

So, now you are completely equipped with several options for removing the appearance of dark circles. Don’t spend 2014 looking tired or old. Instead, try to add one or two of these solutions into your daily routine.

Are you struggling with dark circles under your eyes? Comment below with which remedy you want to try or a remedy of your own that we didn’t mention!




    Natural remedies works best for dark circles. And makeup only can hide dark circles.. good list of remedies.. thanks

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