New Year, New You: Benefits of Organic Cosmetics

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Organic is all the rage these days, and rightfully so! Switching to organic products has tons of benefits. Is living healthier a part of your New Year’s resolutions? If so, consider the switch to organic. During this post in the New Year, New You series, we’re looking at a few of the benefits associated with going organic.

But first, did you know that organic skincare doesn’t stop with cleansers and moisturizers? You can use all-natural, organic makeup as well. People are even using blueberries for eyeshadow! Check out this video:

Now, onto the benefits:

No Animal Testing

Organic products are great for anyone mindful of animals. Most organic companies refuse to conduct animal testing on their products. Likewise, you will be hardpressed to find organic companies using animal products in their line.

Organic Products Help the Environment

This may seem a bit backwards, especially considering that organic products, by definition, are from natural ingredients. Truth is: using products found in nature doesn’t harm the environment like using fossil fuel derivatives and harmful chemicals. Also, you will find most organic companies using recycled materials to ensure they are environmentally friendly.

Good for You

The effect organic products have on you is arguably the most important benefit. Non-organic ingredients found in most cosmetic products can harm you. Studies show that certain ingredients, such as Parabens, can have negative side effects in the long-term. Switching to organic cosmetics this year can keep you from certain cancers, hormonal disruption, accelerated aging and permanent DNA damage.

If you have used organic cosmetics in the past, comment below with the benefits you experienced:


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