Popcorn – healthy, cheap and easy!

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Who doesn’t like popcorn??  The main problem with popcorn is that it usually comes covered with butter and salt, or has a weird cheese additive with ingredients that I cannot even pronounce let alone understand.   Even the low salt microwavable popcorn is still pretty high in fat and the waxy bag it comes in has lately been under scrutiny for being toxic.   I have found the perfect alternative to these unhealthy treats and turned popcorn into a healthy and very tasty treat with no guilt or worries.

Pick up a bag of bulk popcorn kernels, a package of brown paper lunch bags (get the recycled paper ones for extra environmental points!), and whatever spices you enjoy.   Put ¼ cup of the kernels into the paper bag and add a small dash of olive oil.  Lay the bag flat and make sure all extra air is out of it, fold the top over two or three times and fold a small flap over to ensure the bag stays closed.   Place in the microwave for about 2-3 minutes or until all kernels are popped.   If you like it plain – eat up, but for extra flavor and some health benefits you can add any spices you like.   Lately I have tried dill powder, curry powder, and cinnamon.   Just a few dashes of each, then close the bag and shake it together to distribute it throughout the popcorn.

This is a fantastic, healthy treat as it contains very few calories, no salt or butter, and spices such as cinnamon and curry add fantastic health benefits.  It only takes a few mins to make and is really cheap.   You can even make up the bags in advance putting the spices in before you pop the corn and take it with you to work or school to pop up on a break.


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