Skin Allergies

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If you suffer from itchy eyes or skin whenever you pet your cat or dog, or if you can’t go outside without developing swelling and blisters on patches of your skin, you are suffering from allergies. Allergies can come in many forms, internally and externally, but for this post we will be concentrating on those that affect the skin. Redness, rashes, itching and hives are a few pesky symptoms that can come up when exposed to an allergen. Skin allergens can come in any form such as animal dander, mold, and plants. Skin reactions can occur in one small area or all over the body.

If you feel you are suffering from allergies you should visit a doctor for a simple allergy test to get a proper diagnosis. Your doctor may suggest treatment medications such as antihistamines, anti-inflammatory creams, or even nasal sprays. Allergy shots may even be recommended for more persistent allergies. However, for random small skin problems due to allergies, simple remedies such as cold wet cloths or ice packs can work wonders to bring down the swelling and itchiness! These generally work as well for treatment and you can avoid the annoying side effects like drowsiness, that most prescription, and even over the counter, medications come with.

So next time you pat Fluffy the cat, or have an walk through the grass outside, and get a rash in return – grab a bag of frozen corn or peas from the freezer and mould it to the area you need to treat and watch the redness go down!


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