Social Responsibility and Skincare Products

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Today, consumers want more than simply amazingly effective quality products at a relatively affordable price. It is not enough for the best skincare companies to use the best ingredients available, they also have to consider all aspects of social responsibility and ethical business practices to appeal to their desired target demographics.


What is Social Responsibility in Skin Care?

When it comes to the term social responsibility pertaining to skincare companies, the term may be highly subjective depending upon each individual consumer and their expectations. Generally speaking, companies that implement environmentally friendly business practices and give back to the community are considered to be socially responsible. Some take it a bit further by providing entirely organic or natural products, while others go even further to ensure their products are never tested on animals. And, one might also classify a socially responsible skincare business as one that properly disposes of unused chemicals and expired skincare products in a responsible manner. At the end of the day, you have to determine which aspects are most important to you.  


Benefits of Social Responsibility

The voices for change to corporate culture and socially responsible business practices have been heard, and companies both large and small are focusing on giving back to the people and the communities who support them rather than to simply take advantage. As a result, the environment is improving with less waste, fewer chemicals, cleaner air and water, and better social awareness. Many developed countries have made it illegal to test cosmetics on animals, and while it may not be illegal in all countries, many progressive companies have taken this stand in such countries, as well. Communities are reaping the rewards through safer products and community outreach programs.


Hot Topics

The business of social responsibility in the skincare and cosmetics industries is taking center stage on many platforms and forums and businesses are listening. One of such hot topics is the different levels of cruelty free products. In some instances, this may mean that products are not tested on animals; however, this may also mean that no animal ingredients have been used in the development of a product. If this is important to you, be sure to verify their definition.


Another trend for socially progressive companies is to eliminate paraben and sulfate from all their products offerings. These chemicals are thought to harmful; however, such claims have not yet been proven. Other individuals care about recyclable packaging or packaging made from recycling. And, of course, the use of natural ingredients over chemicals. Each consumer has different levels of passion and interest in various social responsibility topics.

What are the important social responsibility practices to you for your skincare products?  


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