You may be surprised to know that some natural beauty treatments can actually be found among your kitchen products.

There are some fabulous ingredients hiding right there in your kitchen that are ideal for using in your skin care and beauty routine.

As you probably know ZENMED already uses a large number of natural products in their skin care range but here’s some skin care tips that you can try simply using your kitchen products in a different way.




What household doesn’t have this kitchen staple? My Grandmother used to always keep a small bottle of this in her medicine cabinet for any dry patches of skin or to massage a drop into her hair before shampooing.

Olive oil is a natural moisturizer and has anti-inflammatory properties which help to soothe the skin and combat dryness. Use it to lock in moisture when getting out of the shower, use a couple of drops in the bath with some fresh lavender flowers or massage it in to soothe scalp eczema and dermatitis.



When you apply avocado directly to your skin the nutrients contained in the fruit are absorbed right into your skin. Avocados are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E, all of which are incredible ingredients for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Allow the avocado to soften so it is no longer firm to the touch, cut in half, scoop out the pale green content and massage it into your face. Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse off with warm water to reveal radiant skin.



Chamomile tea is especially good for rosacea and people who have sensitive skin because it’s a calming herb with anti-inflammatory properties. Make a mug of tea using only filtered or purified water; allow it to cool and then transfer it into a clean storage bottle and place in the fridge. When you next have a rosacea flare up or dry, itchy skin then soak a cotton pad in the chamomile tea and place it on the affected area for an instantly cooling and calming skin treatment.



It is well known that honey is good for your health but it is equally good for your skin. Honey has healing properties which people have been utilizing for centuries. Honey has an antimicrobial capability which means that it helps to kill bacteria. It also helps to trap in moisture so it is a perfect kitchen product to use in your skin care routine. Get any type of natural honey and spread a little layer on your cheeks, forehead and neck; then go lay on your bed and relax for 10 to 15 minutes before you rinse it off with warm water. Honey is perfect for all skin types.


If you want skin care products that are already created, tested and loved across the world then come and see what skin care products we have on our ZENMED store that could help us improve your skin naturally.

Our products are 100% free from animal testing and vegan. There are no petrochemicals, no sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, no dyes or fragrances in any of our products. We only package in 100% recyclable packaging, we utilize no wasteful cosmetic boxes, and we use organically sourced ingredients whenever possible. So using our products is not all that different from producing your own at home.

Mother nature knew what she was doing when she supplied us with all these amazing natural products to keep our skin looking and feeling healthy and clear.

Try using your natural kitchen products to help boost your natural beauty and tell us what you used and the effect it had on your skin.

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