Tell us your Earth Day Story

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Celebrating EARTH DAY!



We talked about it and decided that some of us would like to share what some of us at ZENMED are doing to celebrate Earth Day, all week and everyday!


We also want to hear what you are doing, big or small, everyday to solve the problems of climate change. Together we can make a difference!


We don’t care what format it’s in. Upload a video to YouTube, on Vine, or pin a pic on Pinterest, create a blog post or whatever you like and Share it with us on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.


Here’s some of the things we are going to do:


ZENMED – We created this “Plant a Billion Trees” fund page for The Nature Conservancy as a way for our community to help solve the problem of climate change by planting trees. Click HERE to check it out!


Robert – “I am switching to  LED powered lighting to reduce my consumption  of energy.  My TV is LED, a lot of my light bulbs are LED and by shutting my computer down at night that I have reduced my power bill by half.”


Michelle – “I’m going to make my meals more meatless. I’m told reducing meat consumption conserves fresh water, saves topsoil, and even reduces air pollution!”


Sharon – “I’m helping The Nature Conservancy’s “Plant a Billion Trees” program and donating a bit to help grow some trees. Plus I’m going to grow a few in my backyard this year.”


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