The Truths behind the Myths of Eczema

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There are a lot of myths out there about eczema.  Let’s get to the truth behind some of them.

MYTH:  Eczema is simple to cure

TRUTH:  Very occasionally your skin will never see eczema again if you treat it early, but more often you will experience reoccurring outbreaks.  The best way to keep it under control is to take care of yourself – bathe in lukewarm, not hot water, use an extremely gentle soap, and use a treatment cream such as ZENMED DermCare to keep the skin healthy.

MYTH:  Eczema only occurs in elderly people, or people of a certain race.

TRUTH:  Anyone, from newborns to the very elderly, can have eczema.

MYTH:  If you touch someone’s skin that has eczema you will get it too.

TRUTH:  Not at all true – eczema is not contagious!

MYTH:  You should take steroids to help eczema

TRUTH:  While some doctors do prescribe steroids they are usually a very short term solution and can do more damage to your body while taking them.  It is best to look at alternative treatments for eczema.

MYTH:  Eczema is brought on by having acne

TRUTH:  These are two different conditions and can both occur at the same time, or separately, but have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

MYTH:  Eczema is caused by exfoliating and irritating your skin

TRUTH:  Exfoliating your skin while you have eczema can possibly make it worse if you use something too harsh, but this is not what caused it in the first place.

MYTH:  Eczema only occurs on your face and neck.

TRUTH:  Eczema can occur almost anywhere on your body, and can even occur in several places at one time.


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