Tips on using Concealer

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Everyone has problem areas they want to conceal.  Pimples, dark under eye circles, redness, or an overall blah skin condition.   A good skincare routine, healthy eating, and enough sleep should help minimize these problems – but we all have days when we’re not feeling well or just need a pick me up.  Here are a few tricks to help camouflage these issues without looking like you packed on makeup.  And for all you men out there – as long as you blend properly it will look completely natural so go ahead and conceal that pimple!

For an overall blotchy skin tone, or spreading redness, choose a mineral based powder that matches your skin tone exactly.  Use a fluffy brush to apply evenly in circles lightly around your face.  Powders generally go on fairly light but do have buildable coverage so you can apply a bit more in areas that need it – but be careful not to apply too much or you will get that cakey look.  If your skin is prone to dryness be sure to apply a moisturizer before your powder.

To conceal a red pimple or mark on your skin choose a liquid concealer that matches your skin exactly.  Choose a liquid formula that is not matte and is fairly creamy as you don’t want it to look too dry once applied.  Dab a bit directly on the pimple, using either a fine makeup brush or very carefully with your clean finger.  You can continue to dab until it disappears completely or use a dampened makeup sponge to dab it on.  Apply a bit around the area if there is redness; otherwise just apply directly to pimples.

If it is under eye circles you are concerned about, it’s best to choose a slightly yellow or orange toned concealer to counteract the blueness of the circles.  Apply a thin layer directly on the circles, being sure to get into the darkened pockets on the sides of your nose.  You can then apply a light layer of your regular (the one you use for pimples) over top for a lightened effect, but this is not necessary.

Always remember to remove your makeup completely at the end of the day to allow your skin to breathe and heal, and don’t apply makeup if you don’t need it.  If your forehead is completely clear, skip that area.   Most makeup these days, especially the mineral kind isn’t bad for your skin, but it’s still best to apply as few products as possible to avoid any possible irritation.


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