What Does My Weight Have to Do With Cancer?

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Weight is a major factor in the survival rate of breast cancer patients. Studies have shown that being even slightly overweight can increase the risk of recurrence. Every day we hear about why watching our weight is so important to our health and life expectancy but rarely do we relate that to a life-threatening disease.
Some research has been done to suggest that weight can actually affect the success of chemo and other cancer related treatments. It appears that breast cancer patients at a healthy weight fared better during treatments then their obese counterparts.


So weight effects people who already have cancer, but why worry if you don’t? Is this fear limited to those people already diagnosed?

According to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, “Many types of breast cancer require the hormones estrogen or progesterone for growth”. This is because estrogen aids in the development of breast cell division and supports the growth of estrogen-responsive tumors.


So what does Estrogen have to do with weight?

Well, you may think that the number one estrogen source is the ovaries, but it is, in fact, fat tissue. The more fat deposits you have the more estrogen you will inevitably produce, increasing your risk of breast cancer.


Working out can boost your immune function, control your weight, and be an outlet for stress, all factors that have been proven to ward off many diseases threatening our lives every day. Yoga is especially great to add to the mix because it gives you that little bit of mental downtime that we all need.


Did you know?

Yoga is the number one exercise for cancer patients? Its relaxing atmosphere and core-strengthening positions are easy on a weak body and often have better results then cardio or weightlifting.



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