Why Use Comfrey Plant Extract

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comfrey plant extract

Comfrey which is also known as bruisewort, woundwort and knitbone is a perennial herb of the Boraginaceae family. It has a black root and large leaves and small flowers which are cream or purple.  It can be found growing in Europe in damp grassy places.

Comfrey has been known for many years by organic gardeners, herbalists and holistic therapists for its many benefits. It contains numerous minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals allantoin and tannins which are antioxidants found in the leaves and roots of the plant. These help to form new skin cells by promoting healing of injuries. The leaves also contain rosmarininc acid which helps reduce any inflammation that you may be experiencing.

In medieval times, comfrey plant extract was used to heal fractured bones. Today it is also used for fractures, strains and broken bones. It also known to help with the pain associated with osteoarthritis. Comfrey plant extract is also used to treat many skin conditions including acne dermatitis, psoriasis and sunburn.

comfrey plant extract

I had an accident a few years back where I broke my left wrist and was pretty badly bruised, so I went to my local herbalist who suggested I massage Comfrey oil into my wrist and bruises on a regular basis. It really helped me heal a lot quicker and the broken wrist fused perfectly. Since then I have been telling anyone who will listen about this amazing herb.

You can also apply comfrey plant extract directly to the affected area or it can be found in a number of natural skin products that are specifically geared towards treating problem skin. The roots and leaves can also be boiled to use as a skin wash. A paste can also be created from the plant extract to use as a compress.

Comfrey plant extract has many healing properties but should not be taken internally as it contains compounds called pyrrolizidine which are toxic to the body.

It is partially good for aching and stiff joints. You can make your own massage oil to rub into these areas by mixing two tablespoons of comfrey oil with 25 drops of lavender oil. Not only does it smell good but it works wonders.

Comfrey plant extract has so many amazing benefits for you your body; it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

*please note: Although essential oils and aromatherapy can be conducive to healing and good health, care must be taken when using them with certain existing medical conditions. Please check prior to use!





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