5 Lifestyle Habits that are Aging Your Skin

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We’re all trying to slow down that ticking of the clock of life, aren’t we?  While we can’t actually slow down time, we do have some control when it comes to slowing down the aging of our skin. Choices we make in our daily lifestyle can mean the difference between younger looking skin and older looking skin.  Here are some things that are known for aging your skin.


Smoking: If you’re a smoker, you already know the damage you’re causing to your lungs and body, but you’re also causing your skin to look older.  Wrinkles are caused by repetitive movement in the skin, so every time you bring a cigarette to your mouth, you’re making the same movement in your lips.  Smokers are known for having many deep wrinkles around the mouth area which their non-smoking peers will not get.  If lung issues don’t make you want to stop, what about the possibility of looking like this?


Drinking: While alcohol in moderation has been noted to possibly be a good thing in overall health, it can also be responsible for aging your skin if not done in moderation.  Heavy drinking can dilate the small blood vessels in your skin causing you to have a flushed appearance long-term. Alcohol can also dehydrate your body, including your skin. Dehydrated skin always looks older than hydrated skin.


Skipping Sunscreen: The misconception is still alive that you only need sunscreen if you’re prone to burning, but unfortunately, that’s not true. The UV rays damage your skin no matter the skin tone. In fact, skin cancer is far more likely to be deadly to those with dark skin tone because it isn’t as obvious in early stages as it is to the lighter toned peers.  (Did you know Bob Marley died of Melanoma?) While it is true that those with darker skin are less susceptible to sunburn than those with lighter tones, everyone is getting skin damage when they don’t protect against the sun. Wear sunscreen!


Going to Sleep with Your Makeup On: Washing your face before bed can be such a drag, but if you skip your night time routine, you skip the opportunity to apply powerhouse anti-aging ingredients to your skin like retinol. Plus, you clog down your pores with dirt, bacteria and makeup, which make breakouts more likely.


Not Wearing Sunglasses:  Just like we mentioned above with smoking and repetitive movements causing wrinkles, not wearing sunglasses will cause your eyes to constantly squint, making crow’s feet much more likely.  Instead of spending lots of money on an anti-aging eye cream, spend $25 on a good pair of UV protective sunglasses and wear them every time you’re outside, especially when you’re driving.


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