5 Steps to Avoid Adult Acne

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You know by now that the foods you eat do not cause acne.  And we hope you know that your acne is not a direct result of not washing your skin effectively enough.  Because more people are becoming educated on skin care, those two myths are starting to lose steam, but so many people think their acne is simply hereditary, hormonal or unavoidable and they give up without fighting the good fight.

While your acne may be hereditary or hormonal, what if we told you there were things you could do that might help keep at least some of your acne at bay?  Your lifestyle and your daily habits could definitely be making a difference in your acne – both positively and negatively.

Making slight changes in your daily routine can make a big difference in your skin.If you struggle with adult acne, here are some simple acne triggers that you can avoid.

Hit the Shower After the Gym. Exercising is a great way to keep your body healthy and sweating is very good for your skin, but when you’re done with your workout, it’s important to hit the shower right away.  Wearing moisture wicking clothing is also recommended if you suffer from back acne. If you suffer from body acne, try using ZENMED’s Botanical Acne Body Wash after your workout which contains oil-regulating Oregano Oil, Tea Tree, Peppermint and Rosemary.

Clean Your Cell Phone Daily.  Look at your cell phone. Do you see a film of filth on the screen? (We do!) Daily makeup, oil and dirt cover the screen of your phone and time and time again, we don’t even think twice about pushing it up to our face. Use a microfiber cloth daily to clean the oil, dirt and grime off of your phone.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes. Your makeup brushes are full of bacteria that can cause breakouts and most of us don’t clean them often enough. We suggest washing them with a gentle body cleanser or shampoo at least once a week and letting them completely air dry before using them again.

Take off Your Hat or Scarf. If you wear a baseball cap on your down days, you might notice acne forming on your forehead. That’s because the oils from your skin are trapped in by your hat.  Ditch the habit of wearing a hat all day. The same goes with women who wear scarves as part of their outfit. The scarf can trap in oil around the neck and under the chin making acne more likely to form.  Try treating the acne you currently have with DermaCleanse Acne Gel, a topical acne spot treatment product.

Sleep on Your Back. Your pillowcase collects dirt and oil from your hair and your skin each night. When you sleep on your back, the oils stay off of your face.  We know it can be hard to get into the habit of sleeping on your back, so if you find yourself unable, try to wash your pillowcase on a more frequent basis. We have even heard of people purchasing seven pillowcases, one for each night of the week.

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