Dermatitis means inflammation of the skin, which can be shown as a rash. The actual look of the rash depends on the amount of time it has been on the body. Acutedermatitis has blisters, subacute dermatitis has scaling and crusting and chronic dermatitis has lichenification.

5 tips to control dermatitis

By knowing the type of dermatitis you have you will find it much easier to treat it.

Dermatitis can also be used as a term to describe eczema. It can affect any part of your body including your mouth and scalp. If you experience dry skin this can cause cracks in the outer layer of your skin which will inhibit the barrier function, making your condition worse.

Here are 5 tips to take control of your dermatitis today:

1. Always keep your skin well moisturized to prevent sudden flare-ups. Choose a natural product that contains natural colloidal oatmeal and phytosterols and avoid products that contain fragrances, preservatives and colors.

542. Avoiding certain foods such as dairy products, gluten, acidic foods and alcohol may have a positive effect on your dermatitis; Try eliminating all of the foods and alcohol for one month and then reintroducing each one until you know which one is causing the problem.

3. If your diet is deficient in certain minerals this can also cause irritation.  Supplementing with vitamin E, B complex, zinc and Biotin. Vitamin E can be taken orally as well as used as an oil to put onto the affected area, helping to treat any itching and inflammation.

4. Stress can be one of the main causes of dermatitis. You need to find a way that you can relax. Exercising is one of the best ways to conquer stress; you can also try yoga, meditation and massages.

5. Reducing how often you take a bath is important as this will help keep moisture in your skin. Instead shower daily, avoiding extra hot water and always keep the time you spend in the shower to a minimum.

Following these tips will help you deal with your dermatitis in a more effective way.