A Manly Guide to Using Your Girlfriend’s Skincare Products

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By Sabrina Taylor – BESskincare.com

men-beauty-productsYour boyfriend’s been spending a lot of time at your place lately and you’ve started noticing a few things. His skin is softer, his hair a bit shinier, his face a little clearer. Coincidentally, your moisturizer is dwindling, conditioner disappearing and facial cleanser emptier. Could it be your man is dipping into your product?


That’s right ladies. Men are intrigued by the hoards of skincare and beauty products we have sitting out on our vanities. With sleek bottles, delicious scents and our uber soft skin, it’s no wonder they are curious.


While our society has headed in a more metrosexual direction, men still want to keep their handsomely rugged persona in tact. To make the most out of these feminine skin care products while maintaining your manhood, let me share a few simple tips with you.


Moderation is Key


First of all, if you’re not willing to dish out the dough to purchase your own products, remember that each pump of high end face wash and every squeeze of anti aging moisturizer is costly your girlfriend  money.


On top of that, many of our favourite products have a very distinct, girly scent. We are keen to the scent and will sniff you out like a bloodhound if you’re not careful.


Our Skin Is Different


Men and women’s skin is not the same. Men have naturally tougher skin and theirs tends to hold collagen longer than women’s.


Another key difference is a man’s testosterone levels. Since us ladies aren’t exactly raging with this hormone, you can anticipate some differences. For example, testosterone can cause your sebaceous (oil) glands to kick into overdrive and this can cause acne breakouts. On the flip side, women’s estrogen suppresses oil production.Of course, we get acne too, but we treat it differently.


If you’ve got a few spots and blemishes, check out the ingredients list and look for items like salicylic acid, niacinamide and ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate. These ingredients will help battle your excessive oil production and zap that acne.


Oil-Free-Moisturizer-with-SPF-30Get  Your SPF On


I mentioned earlier that men’s skin is tougher and ages at a much slower rate. While we worry about wrinkles and fine lines from daily wear and tear, as well as over exposure to the sun, men often don’t. That being said, it’s a happy coincidence that we tend to purchase products with SPF in them.


Men often forget to protect their skin from harmful UV rays, while women make it a priority. Studies show that men spend more time unprotected in the sunshine, so using your gal’s SPF-rich products is the best thing you can do. Not only will you fine tune that solo wrinkle, but you’ll moisturize and protect your skin.


Here’s hoping she’s packing ZENMED’s Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 30. That way you don’t have to worry about upsetting your oil balance!


Scrub A Dub Dub


I made the financially fatal mistake of introducing my last boyfriend to microdermabrasion facial scrubs. He was a pro dirt biker and felt that the gritty consistency of my pricey face scrub was as good as getting roosted in the face – “Roosted” basically means having dirt kicked in your face by someone else’s back tire. Manly, I know!


Home microdermabrasion great for your skin’s complexion, but we use it sparingly because our facial skin is thinner than men’s. If you decide to get your roost on, try to limit it to twice weekly. No need to rub your face raw and put us out.


We know you’re going to use our stuff; that’s inevitable. We appreciate that you want to look better and have softer skin too. Just be sure to replenish the reserves for us. Better yet, start buying your own. There are several brands on the market, like ZENMED, that offer amazing products with unisexually appealing branding!



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