A wacky new way to wash your hair – will you try it?

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There are a few new formulas of hair products popping up that actually encourage you to condition your hair first – and then shampoo!   A few other companies have streamlined this even further and have come out with a single product conditioning shampoos.  Upon seeing these new products and investigating further – I see that this is really not a new phenomenon – some hairdressers have been telling their clients for years to switch the order and condition first.   Let me tell you how this works.

Using conditioner first is supposed to increase volume to the hair without weighing it down because you add the volume with the conditioner, but then use the shampoo to wash out the excess residue – leaving it volumnous, yet not heavy.  This is also supposed to help with dry hair for the same reasons – you add condition, rinse out any excess with the shampoo and leave your hair shiny and moisturized.

From reading about people that have tried it, this method shows that this could be good for dry or flat hair, or thin hair that tends to get weighed down by conditioners.   However, I would not think it would be a great idea for hair that gets very oily or is already quite voluminous, heavy, or thick.

My hair does fit into the normal to dry, thin-ish category so I think I may try this tomorrow to see how it goes.   If it gives me some extra volume – I will be swapping my routine from now on!   Is anyone else inspired to try this?  Has anyone out there already tried it?   Do any of you have any other tricks for cleansing your hair to make it more voluminous??  Do share!  I’ll be letting you know how my experiment goes.


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