Acne Has Nothing To Do With My Diet, My Doctor Said So!

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Well the facts are starting to build up and the more and more we read, the more we are finding the above comment to be a falsehood. Be it there are some exceptions to the rule, for example some drugs can cause Acne. I mean honestly, lets just think about this for a moment. Our skin is the largest organ of the body. Say we were feeding ourselves creamy pasta, cookies, ice cream, French fries, pizza, chocolate and soda everyday. Who is to say that the LARGEST organ of the body would remain completely unaffected? Impossible! Every organ is going to be affected because we are a living SYSTEM with everything working in tandem with everything else in our body. Studies in Australia are showing that eating a low glycemic diet avoiding refined foods and high amounts of sugar helps ease Acne symptoms. Studies in Europe have linked high stress to the way we digest some of the foods we eat, and how during some times we can metabolize foods better than times when we are stressed out hence leading to a “stress breakout”. Chemicals are released in our bodies when we are under emotional distress. Heck everyone can attest to the fact that we don’t look our greatest when we are unhappy. I went through a stage a few years back when my grandmother had terminal cancer. The first place the stress manifested itself was my skin. I got eczema on my forehead, the back of my neck and under my bottom lip. Some people experience an onset of Shingles during immense emotional distress. These are just some ways that something going on inside your body is manifesting itself by eruptions on the skin. Its amazing that the biggest invent for Acne ever, Accutane, itself came in the form of a pill working from the inside out.

So here is a tip. And it’s a simple one. If you are suffering from persistent Acne that you want gone, treat the skin from within, EAT A HEALTHY DIET. And to help it along, use products with exfoliating acids, like Alpha, Beta, Glycolic, Ascorbic, or Lactic, to help speed up the process by which the skin rejuvenates itself. A period of detox or cleansing is always a good idea, so try herbal cleansing like ZENMED Derma Cleanse for a few weeks with a healthy diet. Try lowering your persistent stress levels by talking about it with a professional, a trusted person or someone you really respect. I do yoga religiously and starting it as a complete skeptic, I must say it really calms the mind. Or it just fatigues you to the point where you can only think and focus on one thing at a time. I haven’t drawn that conclusion yet 🙂 Best of health everyone! – Mandy


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    Not only are you right, but you have clearly delineated the alternative position.

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