If you have, or have had, moderate to severe acne you have probably been left with some acne scars – darkened, possibly pitted marks on your skin.  There are a few things you can do to prevent future scarring on your skin from acne.

First of all – treat your acne!  If your acne is mild – get yourself a good, regular cleansing routine to keep your skin healthy.  If your acne is moderate to severe use the Derma Cleanse System to get to the root of your acne and get your skin clear. 

This next step is so important:  never pick or scrub your acne!  You do not want to inflame your skin or spread the acne bacteria around, which can lead to further acne and scars.

Always wear your sunscreen.  Sun exposure can cause skin damage which can cause dark spots on your skin, a burn which will inflame your skin and possibly lead to more irritation, and cause your acne and its scars to heal slower.

If you already have acne scars don’t worry – there is help!   You should treat your acne scars sooner rather than later for best results, however you will notice a significant difference at any time.  Try not to treat skin that still has a significant amount of active acne as it can irritate the current acne, use the Derma Cleanse System until your acne is at least mostly clear first.  The ZENMED Scar Treatment kit has two easy steps to help with acne scars and other hyperpigmentation.  The first step is the Renewing Microdermabrasion Complex which works as an exfoliant for your skin to remove dead skin, smooth the skins appearance helping with pitting, and prepare it for any other active ingredients.  The second step is the Skin Eraser which is a glycolic acid lotion which helps to fade existing marks and give the skin an overall healthier look.

With a few easy treatments you will notice a significant change in your skin and you will be well on your way back to smooth, clear, glowing skin.