Are your bad habits contributing your your acne?

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There are a few bad habits you may have that may be contributing to your acne problem. In past blog posts we have covered the importance of eating properly, cleaning your makeup brushes regularly, getting plenty of sleep and not smoking. These are a great start but there are a few other things you may be guilty of that cause acne that you may not have even thought about!

One of the main things that people don’t think about is how the oils and products in their hair affect their skin. If you are noticing a lot of acne on the sides of your face, or on your forehead if you have bangs, this could possibly be from your hair product getting on your skin! Be very careful not to overspray and hit your skin, or to wear your hair away from your face if it has product in it. This may help more than you think.

If you regularly use a cell phone, or any phone for that matter, you need to think about this. Think of where you put your phone – on tables, thrown into your purse or pocket – it’s probably loaded with germs and bacteria! Not to mention if your makeup rubs off on your phone when you use it – then it will rub back onto your skin the next time! Some people do use a rubbing alcohol or a cleansing cloth to gently, carefully clean their phones, but the best thing to do is to hold the phone away or use a headset.

Keep your hands off your skin! Your hands are loaded with bacteria that can get onto your skin! Even if your hands are clean, excess rubbing can irritate skin. Don’t touch pimples or you run the risk of spreading the bacteria over other parts of your skin!

It is very important to thoroughly cleanse your skin and remove all makeup before bed each night. Going to bed with dirty skin causes clogged pores and further damage. During sleep your skin needs to breathe and repair itself. Don’t forget to also change your pillow case every few nights as well! Make sure you have a proper skin care routine that includes a good cleanser and a repairing cream, gel, or serum. It’s also important to gently exfoliate with a product like our AHA/BHA Complex to slough away dead cells and remove any leftover residue.

Changing a few habits can make a huge difference in your skin!


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