Argan Oil – ZENMED Beauty Secret Revealed

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If you do not already know, every single particle that you come into contact with is at least partially absorbed by your skin. Unfortunately we cannot protect ourselves from the things we do not have control over, like what is floating in the air or resting on the railing at work. Wecan, however,protect ourselves from the products we have a choice to interact with, such as those for skin and hair care.


Chemicals are abundant in the cosmetic world and all work towards great outward results for your hair and skin­–but at what cost inwards?


ZENMED has worked hard to formulate only vegetable-based formulations and using only ingredients that are minimally if not at all absorbed by the body. It is a conscious decision we made from day one being concerned individuals about environmental stressors to our well-being.

What if we told you that we have a product that can beat those big name brands in all of these categories and is an all-natural and chemical free alternative to many things sitting on your bathroom shelves?


Meet Argan Oil (INCI: ARGANIA SPINOSA OIL) – probably the most important skincare breakthrough in the last 5 years.


Before this starts to sound too much like a sponsored sales pitch it is important to say that Argan Oil is not new to the beauty industry but had simply gone unnoticed in the clutter of natural, organic, alternative treatments. And now since we have found the most nutrient-enriched, organic version, we want to introduce it to you. This miracle ingredient has people around the globe revering its properties, spanning from wrinkle reduction to de-frizzing and conditioning dry hair.

Why use ZENMED Essential Argan Oil?

You know how we mentioned protecting yourself from products that may be absorbed by the skin? Well, Argan oil is actually edible and nutritionally dense. Not only is Argan oil good for hair and skin, it also has a number of naturopathic and culinary uses as well (If you are choosing to use raw Argan oil as a beauty product, make sure you buy cosmetic grade and not culinary Argan Oil). Ergo, you can rest easy knowing that any amount of Argan Oil absorbed by the skin will not hurt you, in fact, it may help you.

ZENMED recognized the healing properties of this amazing oil and has taken the necessary steps to incorporate it, in its pure form, into their product catalogue. And, to secure more peace of mind for our customers, our Argan oil is Ecocert Certified organic. For more information on Ecocert and what it means for you please visit their website at

It is also important to note that when buying Argan oil you should always look for a dark-coloured, UV protected glass bottle. This is not only more environmentally friendly than plastic but it does not react with the oil. It also prevents oxidation and degradation of the antioxidants. ZENMED makes sure to meet of these specifications for all of our Argan oil products.

And with that brief introduction, ZENMED brings you Argan Oil!


What can Argan Oil do for you?
Let me break it down into the 4 main cosmetic uses:

1) Face: Apply Argan oil to your face nightly to treat dry skin. If you need extra hydration it is also a good idea to use the oil in the morning as a base for your makeup. Alternatively you can apply it to dry or wrinkle-prone areas. You may also massage Argan Oil into chapped lips in place of lip balm

2) Nails: Massaging your cuticles with Argan Oil will both soften them and restore a healthy radiance to your nails. Soaking your nails in equal parts Argan Oil and lemon juice is an effective and natural way to strengthen weakened nails. It is also a good idea to rub Argan Oil onto your hands at night in place of a moisturizer.

3) Hair: Unlike chemical treatments where the product coats the hair to give it a healthy look, the natural ingredients in Argan Oil are absorbed into the strands, healing the hair from the inside out. Argan Oil works to mend split ends and return processed or dull hair to its natural shine. Apply 2 drops to hair daily.

Massaging Argan Oil into the scalp can advance hair growth through the absorption of nutrients through the skin.

Argan Oil can also be used as an intense conditioning treatment. Apply a generous amount of Argan Oil to the ends of your hair and work your way up (for dry hair, apply Argan Oil all the way up to your roots). Wrap hair in a warm towel and leave for a minimum of 30 minutes. Wash and style as usual

4) Body: Because our skin is so absorbent it is important to use products that will not harm us internally. Argan Oil is a healthy and effective alternative for body butters or drugstore skin lotions. A couple drops of Argan Oil can also be added to your current natural moisturizer for increased hydration. Massage into targeted areas of the body for the reduced appearance of stretch marks.

Argan Oil is a natural and organic alternative to massage oil and is ideal for after sun exposure (always use a chemical free sunscreen such as the ZENMED SPF 40 Mineral Sunscreen)


How much do you need?
We offer an ample-sized 4oz/120ml bottle of 100% pure and organic Argan Oil. That is so you can use is all over the body and face.

While our competitors offer small vials of oil at exorbitant prices (and many times mixed with other oils to dilute the Argan), we only offer the purest and best product for a reasonable price. That is because we have procured pricing directly from the manufacturer and cut all middle-men out.


Why is Argan Oil so amazing?
4 words and a letter: ‘Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)’ and ‘Vitamin E’–the two things that keep our skin smooth and maintaining its strength. Without these two essential parts our skin would be dry, flaky, and wrinkly. With the naturally occurring amounts our body produces we still require an additional injection of both EFA and Vitamin E in most places on earth to counter the dryness of our environment and the damaging effects of the sun. We can get these injections through most beauty products on the market but with the vast majority of these come the chemicals. And if EFA’s and Vitamin E are being absorbed, we can bet that the chemicals are too.

Therefore, the safest, most cost effective way to satisfy our skin and hair’s needs for EFA’s and Vitamin E is through the use of natural, raw, organic Argan Oil.

Argan Oil is also praised for its richness of Carotenes. Carotenes are found naturally in fruits and vegetables and is a precursor for Vitamin A absorption–a highly regarded vitamin in the beauty industry for its success in protecting against skin damage, reversing skin damage, and its large role in anti-aging. Carotenes also play a large part in strengthening and repairing damaged hair.


How is Argan Oil so amazing?
Squalene is naturally occurring in plants and animals and is a popular additive in cosmetics due to its penetrating capabilities and similarity to our body’s own oils. Squalene is readily absorbed into the skin and hair without leaving greasy, irritating residues. Squalene is effective in treating scar tissue and preventing stretch marks as well as reducing hair loss. It is also a fantastic conditioning agent.


When can I buy the ZENMED Argan Oil?
We will be releasing it into your hands in July 2012. Please check our Facebook page and website for new information and links to our Argan Oil then.


Being that Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, Carotenes, Sterols, and Squalene are what make up Argan Oil, it is easy to see why it is the only product needed for your daily beauty routine.



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