Balancing your skin with regards to acne

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Balancing your skin, what does that mean?
A lot of the time you hear the word balance over used, it can refer to balance in life style, balance in skin tone, or balance in nutrition.  We are here to talk about balance in skin care. 

Balance in skin care can be broken down in to a few categories, balance of the oils or Ph levels on your skin, or balance of the your daily skin care regime.  A lot of the time skin being out of balance will cause problems with your complexion.  For example many people with acne prone skin feel their skin is too oily and they will use products to try and dry out their skin.  Many times this drying of the skin will cause irritation and lead to further breakouts or unwanted results.

One of the major philosophies of ZENMED‘s skin care programs is to balance oil levels and skin Ph, essentially making your skin happy.  When the balance of oil on your skin drops too low because of using products that dry out your skin it will cause a rebounding effect of the skin trying to produce more oil.  This cycle is something we try to break you out of.   We receive countless emails from people saying they have used one of the common acne products they would see on television and at first the results were great and then their skin adapted and became irritated or their broke out with acne like before.

We have known for a long time in order to have a great complexion your skin needs to be balanced.  Balanced with sebum (oil that resides on your skin) and balanced with regards to Ph (acidity level).  We have ensured all of our products do just that, they will never strip all the oil from your skin or use ingredients that could possibly alter your Ph levels or irritate your skin.  We recommend you look at all of the skin care products you are currently using and ensure that they are not doing that. 

To have truly clear skin you need to make a consistent effort to make your skin happy.  Always use a cleanser that cleans the skin but does not dry it out.  Always use creams that do not contain irritants and whenever possible contain a lot of natural ingredients.  Watch for products that have artificial colors or fragrances in them.  Live a balanced life style with work, food and play.  These tips along with good skin care products are your first steps to taking control of your complexion.

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