Every week we like to bring you a roundup of some of the latest trends in beauty, health and wellness, and other articles of interest to ZENMED blog readers. Last week, we came across some interesting articles on skincare disasters, the IV drip trend, cosmetic procedures for women under 30 and the role stress plays on your skin.


What to do when a skincare disaster erupts before a big event

The Los Angeles Fashion shares tips from board certified dermatologist Dr. Susan Stuart on what women can do to quickly care for skincare emergencies. How many of you have had a cold sore crop up before you needed to be photographed? Or had a pimple days before your wedding? It happens to all of us, but the doctor offers her best tips of what to do when disaster strikes.

She recommends Visine to remove the redness and anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling if you can’t make it to the doctor before your big day. Other topics she tackled include allergies, what to do after being injected with too much filler and how to treat a sunburn after failing to apply sunscreen.

BC jumps on the IV drip trend

Anita Sthankiya reports on a wellness boutique in Vancouver that is capitalizing on the celebrity trend of IV drips to deliver a cocktail of vitamins and minerals. The drips are designed to address everything from fatigue and depression to anti-aging and weight loss treatments. Rihanna may have started the drip trend after posting a picture of herself having a “party girl drip” on Twitter. This unorthodox wellness trend has been gaining momentum ever since.

Under-30 age group sees increase in number of cosmetic procedures

Skin Inc. magazine shares findings of a recent study from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery on age and anti-aging procedures. The study reveals that men and women are feeling more pressure to look younger, so they are turning to more extensive cosmetic procedures at much younger ages. In fact, 61% of all facelifts are done on patients 35-60, a much younger age bracket than ever. 56% of doctors surveyed said that their is an increase in the number of patients under 30 having anti-aging procedures. New York plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk says that wanting to look better for a mate and the desire to remain competitive in the workplace are popular reasons for having cosmetic procedures.

Role of stress in inflammatory skin conditions

Your stress levels have an impact on your skin. Skin Inc. reports on the link between stress and inflammatory skin conditions such as Rosacea, acne and psoriasis. While anecdotal evidence has suggested this link for quite some time, there is now credible scientific evidence on this relationship. According to a recent animal study in Japan, mice who were susceptible to atopic dermatitis and exposed to stress developed rashes, while mice not exposed to stress had no rash. This is further proof of the role inflammation plays in skin health.