Every week we like to bring you a roundup of some of the latest trends in beauty, health and wellness, and other articles of interest to ZENMED blog readers. Last week, we came across some interesting posts on summer sun safety, mosquito bites, the benefits of regular exercise and clean eating.


Summer sun safety: Tips for preventing skin cancer or catching it early

A new story from CBS News underscores the importance of proper sun safety measures in order to prevent deadly forms of skin cancer. Tips provided by the Skin Cancer Foundation include wearing a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, especially during childhood. Other ideas for prevention are becoming familiar with the “A-B-C-D-E’s” of melanoma, some of which include changes in appearance such as asymmetry and borders with irregularity.

Some people don’t get bitten by mosquitoes: Why that’s true will surprise you

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to avoid being bitten my mosquitoes, while others can’t step outdoors at night without being attacked?  Kevin Loria reports on some interesting findings on the subject from a microbial ecologist at TED Talks. The findings reveal that the bacteria found on our skin has a unique scent–which may be attractive to mosquitoes. As body odor varies from person to person, the aroma caused by the bacteria will either attract or repel the bugs.

Here’s proof that exercise changes everything

Sarah Klein shares that only twenty percent of American adults are meeting the government’s recommended guidelines on exercise.  While many aren’t out there jogging or weight training, she reports on the profound impact even just ten minutes of moderate exercise can have on health and wellness. No one will be able to get away with the old, “I’m too busy to exercise” excuse after hearing the new proof. The latest research shows that if you regularly work out, you will have a 40% lower risk of dementia and 60% lower risk of cognitive impairment. So skip the elevator and take the stairs!

The branding of clean food

Marian Salzman reports on the biggest fad in kitchen lingo — “clean” food. No longer meaning simply to wash something, clean food really has become a movement. What exactly does eating “clean” mean? Eating a diet free of processed foods, choosing a farm to table lifestyle, eliminating genetically modified organisms, and shopping local all fall under this umbrella. Is this popular term here to stay? We shall see.